The TygrrrHeart Purrrfect Website Award

The Award

How to Submit a Site for Tygrrr's Award

If you have a site dedicated to your cat(s), cats in general or any type of site deserving of attention send the site's address to me via email I'll take a look at the site & if it meets the requirements the owner will be notified by mail. Winner's names will appear here after they have placed the award graphic on their site & notified me. The requisite features to win Tygrrr's award are this: The page should be relatively sophisticated technically, but if it shows tonnes of love & respect for said felines or, in non cat sites, a lot of personality & some kind of uniqueness that's cool too :-)

Tygrrr's Winners!

ARK - A Humane Society

. dandelion .

Reeses's Scratchin' Post

Cabbocca's Cats

International Cat Names

The Meditative Cat

Miss Onyx Kittybug


Kay's Cats



angelis volaticus

Mike's Universe

Not In My Backyard!

Moxy & Lady Jane Grey

Screaming Meemies

Safe Haven for Cats

Ali's Catz

Nancy Pilotte

Kitty Kat's

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