And so ... when it came time for Tygrrr to cross The Rainbow Bridge, he approached it in Tracy’s arms.

"I love you," he purred, "and I understand and accept what is happening now."

Through the pain of failing organs, the grand old fellow made one last roll onto his back, turning his tummy up as an offering of farewell...
"You have never hurt me," his purr continued. "You have loved me wholly and purely, and have given me a life of great joy. I want to take with me the memory of one, perfect tummy scratch, if you don’t mind."

Tracy complied, through her tears and shattered heart, and Tygrrr’s purr grew louder.

"I do not want to leave you, my beloved Tracy. But there are things which even cats (who understand so much) can’t comprehend ... and the timing of these things is one of them. I will wait for you, by The Bridge ... and I will stay with you, in your heart.

"Remember my magnificent orangeness, and my spectacular stripes ... remember how I lay next to you, through thick and thin ... remember me whenever you eat turkey ... remember my great courage, and how we celebrated my triumph over illness for six extra, wonderful years they said we could not have....

"But most of all, remember my love. For I loved you as wholly and as purely as you loved me ... and forever, we will be joined to each other in infinite, everlasting spirit, and we will soar together as only true and perfect love creates the means, through all eternity."

His rumbling purr grew softer, and then stopped. Tracy sat with his lifeless form cradled gently in her arms ... numb with grief, but focused on a bright, pinpoint of light newly formed on the horizon. A new star. A new angel, with orange striped fur and a magnificent tail. A new understanding that love never dies ... never disappears ... but exists forever, in complete and sacred intactness...

=^. .^=

Written by my friend Evie after I recalled to her what it was like saying goodbye to Tygrrr.

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